About Jane

Hello, I’m Jane,

I’m a gardener, homesteader, and writer, striving to live a simple, sustainable life in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.

Together with my husband, John, and our two sons, we emigrated from England in 2004, to live a more purposeful life raising much of our own food. Our woodlot provides the lumber needed for John’s Windsor Chair business. John calls himself the Bear River Bodger and uses traditional 18th-century methods to handbuild his beautiful Windsor chairs.

In 2017, our family celebrated two milestones. Our youngest son graduated from university and our eldest son was married. An ’empty nest’ led us to consider the next chapter. The freedom of having no kids at home called us to spread our own wings and explore more of this big country that we now call home.

Homesteading will always be a large part of our lives and I shall continue to share our experiences both on the farm and on the road. If you’d like to receive new posts by email, please sign up for my newsletter here.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

– Jane

What’s a Windsor chair, you ask? Check out this video to find out.


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