Our Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork is available to buy direct from the farm.

If you’re looking for tasty pork then come and give us a visit at the farm. Drop in by chance or give us a call first. 902 467 0939

Price List November 2015

Shoulder Roast             lb@ $5.50 
Loin Roast                 lb@ $7.00
Pork Chops (2 chops/pkg)   lb@ $6.00
Tenderloin                 lb@ $15.00 
Stir Fry                   lb@ $7.50 
Rack of Spare Ribs         lb@ $6.00 
Ground Pork                lb@ $6.00

Sausages (4sausages/pkg/1lb) package @ $7.50 
  Honey & Garlic  
Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free Sausages package @ $8.00 
  Sage & Onion (Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free) 
  Mild Italian (Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free) 

Sides of Pork:

We offer sides of pork, cut and wrapped to your specifications:

including roasts, chops, steaks, & ground pork.

Sides are approx. 80 – 100lbs hanging weight.

Price : $4.75 @lb hanging weight

For an extra cost, we can arrange to smoke the bacons & make sausage for you.

Please call to reserve sides.

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