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Visitors are always welcome to call at the farm:

6258 Sissiboo Road, RR 1, Bear River NS B0S 1B0

Alternatively, you can contact Jane or John by telephone or email;

tel: 902 467 0939



10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello. enjoyed your website, things look great. I spent a year in cornwall england and fell in love with the place.The cost of buying a peice of land out there though was out of the question for me.I have been following Hugh fearnley witinngstall on you tube with his river cottage programs, wonderful stuff. anyway sorry for the rant, wondering if you sell whole sides of pig?I have been gaining experiance in butchery and want to store some stuff away.Thanks. Brian

    1. Thanks for your comments on our farm blog & your enquiry for a side of pork.

      We will have sides of pork available later in the summer – our pigs are now 5 months old and some will be ready for slaughter in 2 to 3 months.

      The price is by the hanging weight, (skin & head removed), if you are planning on cutting the meat yourself, the price would be $4 @ lb. If you want it cut & wrapped the price is $4.50 @ lb. At 8 months old the sides will be approx. 70 – 80lbs hanging weight.

  2. Hi,

    I have some unregistered berkshire sows and I would like to buy a berkshire boar as a weaner to cross on to them. I would like a weaner as then it should be fairly easy and relatively inexpensive to ship in a dog crate via air. I would like a boar that is more the ‘old style’ berkshire with the cute faces, from a large litter, and from a sow that has a good disposition as I think that is very important in a small, non-commercial operation. I would like the boar to be purebred, but I’m not concerned about the papers.

    Do you have anything that might work for me? If so, what would you be looking for as a price and would be you be willing to go through the hassle of helping me arrange shipping across the country?

    Sandra McDonnell

  3. I live on vancouver island, near nanaimo. I’d probably have it sent to vancouver and pick it up at the airpoirt there.

  4. That’s a long way from us in Nova Scotia but I guess it could be done. Our pigs are all easy to handle and have a very gentle disposition, so they are certainly suitable to keep for breeding.
    Our piglets are normally $125. We are 3 hours from Halifax so we would have to add $125 to cover our gas and time, plus the cost of a dog crate. Two would travel better together, so if you knew anyone who wanted a Berkshire you could share some of the costs.
    I have no idea about airline regulations or how to arrange the shipment.

  5. I would shipping the piglet Air Canada cargo, which is very reasonably, a little over $200 for piglet and crate under 20kg. Would you be able to send me pictures of the sow and boar, and do you have some idea of their mature weights? Also, I have lots of crates, so I might look into mailing you one. On the other hand, would you consider a trade of piglets? Basically, I’m looking to introduce some new blood because I want to keep some of my gilts and I want to avoid inbreeding. There aren’t many Berks on the Island, as it is a relatively rare breed. So, I’m thinking that a pig from Nova Scotia will offer some fresh genetics. If you think you might be interested, I can give provide you with more information on my herd…it kind of a long story.,
    Anyway, its just a thought. I don’t have a problem with your pricing.


  6. I enjoyed perusing your website. I raise Berkshire in Ontario and love the breed. I am interested in moving the pigs outside as soon as it is safe from predators but my neighbour farmer who is very experienced with pigs and helps me out worries about coyotes. We have a llama for the sheep and perimeter fencing but no dogs. At what weight or age can they be moved outside with mama (in an enclosure with a shelter)?

    1. Hi Valerie, Our sows are free to go outside at all times. During the first few days she doesn’t go out for very long and the piglets do not follow her. As they get older she will enciurage them to follow her – about 7-10 days old. We close them in at night until they are about 6 weeks old. We don’t have a dog but we’ve never had a problem with predators – I think the sows would see off any intruders and she seems to know when the piglets are ready to venture outdoors.

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