I love this time of year. All tucked in for the winter with blankets of fluffy snow. The hustle and excitement of Christmas have passed, the decorations packed away for another year. Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas, but there’s something about finishing up the turkey and sweeping the last of the pine needles from the floor that brings a certain calm to the house. Although I’m sure I’ll be feeling those pesky needles in my socks for several months yet!

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It’s a time to make plans for the coming year and reflect on last year. I thought it might be fun to check out which 5 posts had the most views in 2017:

How to know when to plant

One of the most recognizable harbingers of spring, Forsythia bursts forth each April into a ray of yellow sunshine.  A welcome relief from the monochrome scene of winter, the yellow blossoms also indicate that it’s time to get planting. Using nature’s calendar is an easy way to know when the time is right to plant.
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Phenological gardening
When forsythia flowers, it’s time to plant peas.

Kicking up a Storm

Pigs are prone to boredom, especially after being stuck indoors during a blizzard. After a winter storm in February, our boar decided to go on a rampage. Read more –

Berkshire sow in snow
Our pigs like to be outside in the sunshine and dig in the snow.


Sweet Cicely & Rhubarb

Sweet Cicely is an easy herb to grow and can be used as a sugar substitute. This post was written in 2013 but was a popular post in 2017. It seems that we’re starting to heed the advice to cut out the sugar. Read More –

Sweet Cicely
Sweet Cicely. Both sweet and pretty.

Whales, fishing boats, ferries, folk art and other gems. All in my own ‘neck’ of the woods.

It’s easy to think that a vacation entails driving long distances to see new things. Yet, there’s often plenty to discover in our own ‘neck’ of the woods. Read More –

The Artist’s Mark on Digby Neck

White wedding dresses and oily chainsaws

For our family, 2017 had two highlights. Our youngest son graduated from University in April. Our eldest got married in September, followed by a road trip with my mum from Ontario back to Nova Scotia. I wrote about making the road trip with a white wedding dress and an oily chainsaw. Read More –

St Lawrence River
On the shore of St Lawrence River.

We’ve now been left with a proverbial ’empty nest’. So what’s next? We don’t intend giving up our life here on our little homestead but plans are brewing for a road trip across Canada. Looking at the top 5 posts this year, I see that travel posts have been popular. With that in mind, I’m thinking of a new blog to share our journey with you all.

Let me know by commenting below if you think I should start a blog about our travels.

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